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Stretching & Flexibility 2nd edition (Book) plus S&F DVD Update (in sleeve)

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"Kit's new book Stretching & Flexibility will change your way of thinking about flexibility and will certainly improve the way you go about achieving it. Everyone will find exercises to suit his or her body type and level of flexibility."


From the foreword by Greg Chappell, arguably Australia's most elegant batsman of all time


From today, the book will be made available with the DVD Update (sleeve version, to stick inside the back cover). This is to ensure everyone has the latest information: the DVD Updates contain all the latest new exercises, and many useful variations on ones you know.

*If you already own the book and want the DVD Update, order here.


This is the book based on the Posture & Flexibility classes. Everyone says they need to do more stretching for all sorts of reasons, but the most important reason is too-rarely mentioned: stretching the right way simply feels great to do and leaves you feeling wonderful.


Questions remain, though, like: which stretches, done what way, and how often? In Stretching & Flexibility2nd editionyou will find effective exercises for all the usual places people want to stretch: hips, hamstrings and legs-apart movements.


In addition, however, you will find hand, wrist and forearm exercises, a full range of neck and shoulder exercises (including the hard-to-stretch rotator cuff pairs) and a variety of ankle and feet exercises. There are even exercises to help you spread your toes and strengthen your arches!


As well, you will find rotation and backward-bending exercises, sideways-bending movements and a large number of unique warm-ups too. There is an exercise for every muscle of the body, and the associated tendons, ligaments and fascia.


The book is organised into 16 lessons and begins with very easy-to-do movements. Gradually, the subsequent lessons build on these basic 'functional units of flexibility', and in time you will find yourself being able to do the more difficult stretches.


The Posture & Flexibility system is a combination of three elements: we use the Contract-Relax (C-R) approach in a framework of partial and complete poses, many of which are partner-based. It is a rapidly evolving form being constantly tested and reassessed against two criteria: is it safe? and does it work? The book features:

  • 96 stretching exercises, plus warm-up movements
  • exercises presented from very easy to hard
  • exercises for athletes, grouped by sport
  • exercises for the whole body, including hands and feet
  • exercises shown in partner and solo versions
  • over 700 photographs, showing all the essential details
  • full explanations, including what to do in the exercise and how to get in and out of the positions
  • 20 detailed illustrations of key anatomical points

Many of the exercises we describe in Stretching & Flexibility have changed, in small and large ways. From now on, we will make all new material available on high-resolution DVDs—this is the fastest, best value way to get essential new material to you. This DVD Update shows all the exercises Kit's P&F team currently teaches at the Australian National University; all are shown in   practitioner and solo (do by yourself) versions. 



You may download a comprehensive free Sample Pack from the Home page that contains a number of sections from the book, and sample exercises with photos and illustrations.

** If you have a DVD Update and wish to just purchase the book, please call Sharon on 0249 586 197 (overseas: call +61  2 49 586 197).

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